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Summer Cocktial Creation


Hello! Welcome to the first Alqueria farmhouse kitchen bar blog post! You can find us on instgram @bar.alqueria to follow what is happening behind the bar. Also, all of our drink lists including wine, beer, original house soft drinks, and cocktails are available for carryout through our website! Completely contactless carryout is possible there for our entire menu. 

Speaking of cocktails, this post is to show you a little of what goes on behind the scenes when creating our seasonal cocktail menu. This one was special, after being closed for 3 months. We wanted all those those fresh, fruity (and herbal) summer flavors you expect with a bit of a bang! I was inspired by Pride to create not only a flavorful menu, but one that was colorful enough to represent the Pride Flag as well. 

We chose to return to a few classic cocktails with just a bit of a twist to keep them interesting. First, our Old Pal has been a constant on our cocktail list since we opened. We swap Rye for deliciously smooth Old Forester Bourbon infused with plums for the base. Lightening up the vermouth component we add Lillet Blanc, and instead of intensely bitter Campari amaro, we opt for the orange flavor in Averna. Finally, to step up the red color and floral aromatics, it's garnished with a hibiscus brandied cherry. 

Another classic reimagined is the Newgrowni, a gin drink I always found to be unbearably bitter. Starting with Old Tom Gin, we keep equal parts sweet vermouth and amaro, using our own house blend of vermouth and Peychaud's Aperitivo for a beautiful balance and thaty bright red color. This is enhanced with a simple dehydrated blood orange garnish. 

Both of our orange creations are packed with flavors to transport you. The Magic Hour Margarita makes use of Yellow Chartreuse and Elderflower liquor to bring out the fresh, herbal flavors in El Jimador Blanco Tequlia. This is brightened with blood orange juice for a perfectly tart component. Finish that off with a thyme infused salt rim and hopefully your basking in that Magic Hour glow with every sip. The Sun Smoke uses Oaxaca co-operative produced Banhez Joven Mezcal, which is just smoky enough with lots of fresh floral flavors. We add ginger for spice and passionfruit juice for that tart kick, and this is truly a unique experience. The alder smoked sea salt rim complements the mild smokiness of the Mezcal and it all comes together in harmony.

The Yellow Bird is a riff on a classic tiki cocktail with the aged Rum of the double Rum base being infused with toasted almonds. Banane de Bresil, orange, and pineapple juice combine for that tropical flavor you expect, balanced out with a touch of Benedictine. This is finished off with a sprig of mint for herbal aromatics. Fly away with this little Yellow Bird. 

For our Cosmo Gold, we start with local OYO Vodka from Middle West Spirits which is already incredible. Infusing it with orange and lemon adds enough acid to balance out the sweetness of Grand Marnier and local Tessora lemoncello. We garnish this with a piece of candied citrus, again playing with those sweet, tart, and barely bitter flavors. Tastes like a classic, just seen in a new way.

Echo Spirits Rum, made just over the Olentangy in Grandview is the base for our Meadow Mojito. Adding a touch of Genepy brings out the herbal mint flavor in this refreshing summer staple. And the fact that the mint is cut daily from our garden certainly gives this the freshest flavor possible. Summer refreshment achieved.

Another take on a true classic is the Last Word, Love. Here I'm inspired by conversations with our staff, always coming back to taking a breath and remembering we are all going through it. Why not do it with love?  We get the green color from cucumber and lime infused Beefeater and Green Chartreuse. We swap maraschino liqueur for Elderflower, and then lime to create an herbal tart balance. It goes incredibly well with the olive and fennel flavors in our summer Braised Pork Shank entree. Try it!

The Apothic Tonic is another herbal sort of take on a gin & tonic, with a blueberry and lavender infused Watershed 4 Peel Gin base. To this we add a wine based amaro with blueberry flavor, Pasubio, and a touch of that Elderflower liquor for sweetness with the tonic topping things off. Our homegrown Calendula flower garnishes this beautifully and is totally edible! I imagine this as something you could order in an old turn of the century bar before prohibition when imbibing was medicinal.

If you're looking for a tart grapefruit refesher, the Pink Paloma is for you. We use a traditional blanco Tequila base, but add a rich Pamplemousse grapefruit rose liqueur to fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice, with lime and soda. This is topped with our housemade rose water for a flash of floral flavor. 

And finally our Blue Skies is inspired by the Ella Fitzgerald tune. Based on a Blue Hawaiian, which is very close in flavor to a Piña Colada! We serve this without stirring to hopefully recreate the look of a blue sky with just a couple coconut clouds. We also make use of the butterfly flower to add that extra blue color in the drink and also candied on top for a garnish. Hoping these Blue Skies smile at you! Take pride in enjoying a cocktail from carefully crafted list, we do this all for you!